Creating fun, bright, and cheerful custom wedding invitations for couples looking for something unique & different! 

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"Julia is a dream to work with! Beautiful work, affordable and SO easy to work with. It really stands out when a wedding vendor makes every touchpoint simple and unstressful! I'll be using Julia for any and all relevant needs in the future - no question about it!"

-Julie M.


Why me over other wedding stationers? I pride myself in customer service. I mean REALLY pride myself. I will go above & beyond to make a client happy. I truly love knowing that my hard work is being appreciated and I will do everything to make that happen. Working with me means surprise packages in the mail just because, some free add-on's thrown in here & there, email and text responses in minutes. I seriously treat every client like their my first ever!  


Why me over & other wedding invite websites? Ordering all of your invitations through a website like does not allow for much customization. You also need to know exactly what you want all at once to place your order. Once you place your order, that's it! You can't make any adjustments or changes. I know how often things change in the midst of wedding planning, so working with a stationer like myself takes away this stress! Changes can ALWAYS be made to your order! You can add and remove items throughout the entire process to better suite your vision AND budget.

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