Beginner's Guide to Brush Calligraphy by Julia Kay Calligraphy


This 40 page Beginner's Guide to Brush Calligraphy is exactly what you need to learn calligraphy, brush up your skills, or simply just pass the time with an enjoyable & therapeutic activity!


Inside the guide you will find:

  • My favorite markers, iPad apps, and iPad pen brushes that I use daily
  • Learning the Basics
  • Uppercase Letter Tracing & Practice
  • Lowercase Letter Tracing & Practice
  • Tracing Connecting Letters
  • Tracing Words
  • Separate Sheets just for Tracing
  • Quote Pages for Tracing
  • Blank Lined Sheets for Practice


Each letter has a red dot with where to start, as well as arrows to follow with the words "MORE" or "LESS" in regards to the amount of pressure you will want to apply to your pen/marker. 



Enjoy this workbook on your iPad or from printing it out and using a physical copy. If using an iPad, save the file and download the Procreate application ($10 but SO WORTH IT!!!)



1. Save the file on your iPad to your "files" folder

2. Open your files folder and select the workbook

3. Screenshot the page you would like to work on first

4. Open Procreate

5. Click the "+" button in the top right corner.

6. Select "Screen Size" 

7. Click the wrench symbol in the top left corner next to "Gallery" 

8. Click "+Add" 

9. Click "Insert a Photo" 

10. Click on the screenshotted photo

11. Begin! Repeat this when you're ready to work on a different page

*I know this isn't an ideal process, but unfortunately Procreate does not support opening of PDFs yet.



1. Easy cheesy- save the file on your computer

2. I recommend printing 2 pages per page so that they are a more appropriate size for markers. Otherwise, it prints rather large. 

3. Print! 

4. Grab your favorite marker & begin! 

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