Includes: Seating Chart, Welcome Sign, Bar Menu, Timeline/Program

Wooden: $400.00 (based on 150 guests)

Acrylic: $450.00 (based on 150 guests)

Seating Chart: 

includes couples names, wedding/event date, and all guest names and table numbers.

standard size: 4ft x 2.5ft

Wooden: $75.00 layout fee + $1.00/name

Acrylic: $100.00 layout fee + $1.00/name

Welcome Sign:

includes couples names, welcoming phrase, and date.

standard size: 1.5ft x 2ft 

Wooden: $110.00

Acrylic: $120.00

Bar Menu:

includes title, signature drink(s) with illustration, drink list

standard size: 24"x18"

Wooden: $85.00

Acrylic: $95.00


includes couples name and date, ceremony start time, cocktail hour time, reception time, send off time, and ending time.

standard size: 2.5ft x 2ft

Wooden: $120.00

Acrylic: $130.00